Mnemosis on display at Viennacontemporary, Booth A06 / Galerija Fotografija

All eyes on Vienna: From 26 to 29 September 2019 this year’s viennacontemporary stirs the international art crowd. Discover rising stars, renowned masters and top-galleries from around the globe in the fair’s spectacular setting. The unique focus on Central- and Eastern Europe invites guests to explore surprising art innovations from neighboring countries. Guided tours, exciting talks, and first-class gastronomy complete your visit at Austria’s international art fair.

26–29 September 2019
Marx Halle Vienna
Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna

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Obsolete & Discontinued exhibition is confirmed for this September in Naples

On September 20, 2019 at 19:00 Magazzini Fotografia starts a new great season of exhibitions, bringing to its Obsolete & Discontinued rooms , a project that through the collection of discarded photographic materials, gives new life to analogical photography considered obsolete. And it is for this reason that he decides to start the Obsolete & Discontinued project: Crawford brings together over 50 great names in photography and art, to accept the challenge of producing new works using that paper destined for waste paper.

Magazzini Fotografici,
Naples, Italy
Opening: Friday 20th September

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Andrej Lamut
Andrej Lamut represented by Galerija Fotografija

I am happy to announce that I have signed a 5-year contract with Galerija Fotografija and am now officially one of their represented artists!

My works can now be purchased through their gallery shop. Find more about the works that are available for purchase here. They also have a great online photobook store with many amazing titles and I’m glad that Nokturno and Nokturno - Special Edition are amongst them!

This is an important milestone in my career and I could not be more excited to work with them and have my works exhibited in their gallery spaces at international art fairs.

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Andrej Lamut
Delavnica cianotipije na TKNP festivalu v Metliki

Cianotipija je alternativna fotografska tehnika, ki je ime dobila po značilnem modrem tonu fotografij. Fotografijo izdelamo ročno, postopek pa je preprost in enostaven. Skozi preizkušanje v tehniki cianotipije bomo spoznavali fotografijo kot medij pisanja s svetlobo. Pri ustvarjanju ne bomo potrebovali fotoaparata ali predznanja, rezultati pa bodo vidni takoj. Najprej bomo spoznali varno uporabo kemikalij in se naučili postopka izdelave, nato pa bo vsak ustvaril svojo cianotipijo.

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Andrej Lamut
Delavnica "Pod lučjo" v UGM

Ob retrospektivni razstavi Zore Plešnar ter prodajni razstavi Mnemosis, fotografa Andreja Lamuta, vas vabimo na delavnico osnov studijske fotografije. Na delavnici bomo spoznavali studijsko fotografijo in kreativne možnosti uporabe enega svetlobnega vira – luči, pri ustvarjanju portreta. Naučili se bomo kako z različnimi postavitvami istega svetlobnega vira vplivamo na videz portretiranca in sporočilnost portreta. Skozi primere bomo obravnavali oblikovanja svetlobe in spoznavali njene lastnosti. Delavnica bo trajala 3 ure, udeleženci pa potrebujejo svoje digitalne fotoaparate.

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Andrej Lamut
Parallel Review Lisboa

28. novembra se bo v Lizboni odprla razstava v okviru projekta PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform, na kateri se bodo predstavili umetniki iz prvega kroga aktivnosti. Med njimi je slovenski predstavnik Andrej Lamut.

/ / /

PARALLEL REVIEW LISBOA presents together the work created by emerging artists and curators during the 1st cycle of PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform. The exhibitions will be accompanied by several other contemporary photography related activities.

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Mnemosis @ Parallel Intersection Zagreb

A part of my project Mnemosis is currently shown at Organ Vida - International Photography Festival!

I started this project 10 months ago when I joined the PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform as one of 23 selected emerging European photographers.

After exhibiting some of the works at QUAD - Derby and now in Zagreb, it's time to focus on the solo show at Galerija Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki, opening October 5th! It will be one of my biggest solo exhibitions so far and the most complete presentation of Mnemosis to date.

Thanks again to UGM l Umetnostna galerija Maribor and Parallel for this opportunity!

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Exhibition invite - Parallel Intersection Zagreb

The final exhibition of the 1st cycle / the first exhibition of the 2nd cycle is opening tonight at Nikola Tesla Technical Museum (Hala V) as a part of Organ Vida - International Photography Festival!
Here to represent Slovenia is UGM l Umetnostna galerija Maribor with works by 2nd cycle artist Ana Zibelnik and myself.

Thank you PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform for this extraordinary year!

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