Special edition of the book in a wooden box that also functions as a frame for hanging the edition on the wall.
Laser engraved on the back.
The print is a handmade silver gelatin print. Book numbers 1-20.

Andrej Lamut – Nokturno
ISBN 978-961-93414-5-2
Weight: 0.8 kg
Dimensions: 29 × 22 cm
Pages: 80 pages
Paper: Munken pure rough cream 150g
Binding: sewn hardcover with open spine
Cover: laser engraved cardboard
Edition: 20
Publication date 2017
Price: 330 €

Printed in duotone on a sublime creamy uncoated paper stock, the book just begs to be opened in an intimate setting to dive into the ambiguous photographs. Published in an edition of 300 copies. All numbered and signed by the artist. Nokturno is the first published photobook by Slovenian artist Andrej Lamut in which he approaches photography as a sequence of performances. The series is a result of his research on all performative acts that construct the final artwork as a physical object.

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The dark images are printed full bleed without any bordering margins to provide any visual relief. Where the images are not full page spreads, the paired images are slammed together to create a multilayered context. With a few exceptions, the binding of the book allows a lay-flat reading experience that is delightful.
— Douglas Stockdale /