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At the cyanotype workshop the participants will learn photography as a medium of writing by light. Cyanotype is an alternative photographic technique named after the distinctive blue tone of the print it produces. A photogram is handmade in a plain and simple to perform procedure. First we learn to handle the chemicals safely and get acquainted with the manufacturing process. Afterwards everyone creates their own cyanotype. No camera or prior knowledge is needed and the results are immediately visible. The attendees will apply photosensitive emulsion to the surface and place various objects upon it, creating their chosen composition and thereby producing a photogram. Basic material that we work with is paper, however the attendees are welcome to bring their own light coloured, unprinted t-shirts or canvas sacks to create their images on. The participants are encouraged to bring objects they will use to create photograms, those with some prior knowledge are welcome to bring negative images printed on foil.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.

What will you learn?
+ using & mixing chemicals safely
+ applying the emulsion
+ composing using objects and/or negatives
+ how to correctly expose the emulsion
+ developing the cyanotype
+ drying the the cyanotype
+ toning the cyanotype (advanced sessions only)

Who is it meant for?
+ institutions (art museums, galleries)
+ art festivals
+ schools
+ individuals