Mnemosis - selling exhibition @ UGM - Maribor

At the first selling exhibition in 2019, UGM presents the emerging photographer Andrej Lamut and his latest photographic series, Mnemosis. A selection of works from the series will be available for purchase at reasonable prices. The artist and curator Simona Vidmar will introduce the exhibition with a talk, and of corse, there will be bubbles! Come and take art to your home!

Mnemosis is a photographic series by Andrej Lamut in which he deliberately moves away from depicting the material reality to unveil vast inner worlds, full of inexplicable, often fictitious images. In the series, the author explores daytime parahypnagogia, an altered state of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, usually accompanied by flashes of thought, insight or creativity, that are quickly forgotten once the episode has passed.

Lamut understands Mnemosis as the embodiment of what remains after a daytime parahypnagogic experience: the visual materialisation of the distant, inaccessible thought in ones’ mind. Photographs from the series do not try to recreate the mental images seen during such episodes, but rather create the atmosphere of experiencing said mental state. They carry no visual traces of time, space or a specific event. The viewer is left with an impression that what is seen on the images is repeating infinitely; a motive captured in a never-ending circle of its own existence.

The Mnemosis series came to fruition in the framework of PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform, dedicated to international promotion of promising photographers and curators. Andrej Lamut has been invited to PARALLEL by the UGM as its Slovenian member.

Andrej Lamut @ UGM Maribor

Andrej Lamut @ UGM Maribor