Parallel Masterclass Maribor

UGM is pleased to announce that in April – as part of a photographic workshop - we are hosting a group of excellent mentors taking part in the international exchange and mentorship programme PARALLEL - European Photo Based Platform. Among them is Karen McQuaid, senior curator from The Photographer's Gallery in London, Ramona Güntert, a young and renowned art photographer from London and Toms Harjo, a promising Latvian photographer. The three foreign guests will be joined by Slovenian representative in the first round of the Parallel project Andrej Lamut.

In a two-day event, partly open to the public and partly intended for the photography students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (ALUO) in Ljubljana, the international guests - Karen McQuaid, Ramona Güntert and Toms Harjo – will present their photographic and curatorial practices, before taking the students through conception, development and presentation of photographic projects. The workshop will be concluded with summaries from Peter Koštrun and Peter Rauch from the photography department of the ALUO, as well as Simona Vidmar, the curator for contemporary art at the UGM, the initiator and organizer of the event. The mentors' presentations will be open to the public, and held in the English language, free of charge.

Public programme schedule for Friday, 5 April:
10.00 • Ramona Güntert, photographer (London, UK) / on her practice and selected projects
10.30 • Toms Harjo, photographer (Riga, Latvia) / on his practice and selected projects
11.00 • Karen McQuaid, senior curator, The Photographers' Gallery (London, UK) / about working in the celebrated institution and the exhibitions she curated
11.30 • Q & A
12.00 • Andrej Lamut, photographer / about the Parallel Platform

UGM is a notable member of the platform whose objective is to bring together European cultural institutions in order to educate and promote a new generation of European photographers and curators.
PARALLEL is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.